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I have always wanted to create a really cool camping and hunting butcher set that could be easily packed and handle almost any chore. Here it is!

This stylish set includes a Cabin Cleaver, perfect for any camp chore or breaking down any game animal. It also includes a Trail Boss camp and skinning knife along with a custom Veg tan leather sheath stamped with my Limited-Edition logo and Elk.  The blades were forged together out of 1084 steel and paired with highly coveted Yew wood handles. I love the look and feel of Yew wood as it finishes like glass and is very durable. Yew wood is getting hard to find and I’m proud to have some stashed in my cellar. All of my wood is air-dried and has been stored in my shop for nearly 30 years. Enjoy!

  • Limited Edition
  • Cabin Cleaver & Trail Boss Knife Set
  • Made from 1084 high carbon steel
  • Highly coveted Yew wood handles
  • Ergonomic handle that is well balanced and places the weight forward
  • Comes with a dual carry belt protective leather sheath