Knife Care

Since I use high carbon steel and not stainless steel, the metal will rust unless treated with a light coat of oil after each use. I use butcher block oil but most any type of food safe oil will work. The blade is very sharp, so PLEASE use caution when handling and using the knife. Do NOT put your knife or cleaver in the dishwasher. Hand wash only and recoat with oil. The sharpness of your blade can be maintained for several uses if touched up periodically with a ceramic stick. I carry them on my website. Other wise you may send the knife or cleaver back to me to be sharpened. You will be charged return postage.

The decorative custom sheath is made using the finest vegetable tanned leather available. This sheath was hand made to fit your knife. The sheath will last a lifetime if maintained using any type of leather or boot wax.  This is to keep the leather pliable and waterproof during your outings. Please be sure that the knife is dry and oiled prior to placing it back into the sheath.