“I’m proud of every forge mark of the hammer."

Jeff Calavan

“I’m proud of every forge mark of the hammer. These well-placed blows represent change. Mother nature is powerful and unforgiving and so are my blades”.

Meet The Maker

I was born and raised in Oregon, and my wife and I raised our family along the banks of the pristine McKenzie River in Vida Oregon. We live just downriver from the famous Good Pasture Bridge which is one of the most photographed covered bridges in the US. 

I have been an avid knife collector, outdoorsman, musician and artist for most of my life and admire those who have dedicated their lives to crafting such wonderful tools. 

I have crafted Native American Style flutes for 30 years, and have created custom flutes for recording artists, Hollywood stars and many movie soundtracks. This woodworking experience has allowed me to create a unique studio along with a 30-year-old wood cellar containing mostly ancient reclaimed air-dried wood that allows me to create one -of- kind handles. No two items on this site will be exactly the same.